1. What can Memorix do for me?

Memorix can help you learn new words faster. How? Memorix will store your words and give you tests to make sure you memorised the words! It will keep track of your progress and help you improve your language skills.

2. How do I start?

Go to your sets section and add a new set. Then, you can add new words and start taking tests from them!
You can add as many sets and words as you like! You can always edit your sets data and your words.
You can also view all the words and see how well you did on the tests for each of them.

3. What kind of tests are available?

There are two types of test you can take, simple tests and pop quizzes. On your tests page you have to first decide which type of test you want to take, pick the set you want to be tested from, and, depending on the test type, the number of words per test and the languages.

4. Where can I see my results?

You can view the results right after tasking the tests. You can also view your results and test history in your profile.

5. What are badges and how can I earn them?

You can get badges once you complete some actions on the site or when you get good results on tests. You can see a complete list of available badges and how to earn them here.