About Memorix

While trying to learn a foreign language I realized I needed an app to help me memorize new words faster. An app to help me keep track of the new words and give me quizzes from the words so I will memorize them faster.

And that's how Memorix was born!

Here's what Memorix can do:

  • Can hold as many sets and words you want! You can use it to learn words in more than one language.
  • It lets you review the words to learn them.
  • It gives you various kinds of test to check if you memorised the words.
  • It tracks your performance to help you improve.

There are several kinds of tests available. Various algorithms are used to make sure the words you seem to know less are shown more often in tests so you will learn them :)

To help me improve the app, please send me some feedback. Also, if you have any questions, comments or ideas, don't hesitate to contact me!